• William Briger

Draft #1 With The Swamp Ash

After I made the plywood guitar, I decided to continue to practice my skills with the actual wood. Mr. E said that this wood would be different to cut and manipulate than the plywood so it was important for me to buy two blanks.

This time I did not need to prep the plywood and I got right into tracing the shape onto the guitar. I improved on my previous mistake and used a pencil to trace the shape onto the wood.

Then, I made a decision to use a bandsaw and remove some of the excess wood to make the reciprocator saw easier to use.

The next steps remained the same as before, but I improved on all my skills.

However, I continued to struggle with the reciprocating saw and the router. Before I begin my actual guitar I need to improve these skills. It's stressful to mess up on this wood because It was supposed to be one of two guitars. I had to make the decision that I only needed one final and this practice wood would be just that, practice.

This is the final product I developed:


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