Hi! I’m Will,

For my entire life, I have been an avid musician. My mom started me on the violin when I was four years old. I would practice for 45 minutes to an hour every day and it seemed like the longest part of my life. I would complain and scream during the treacherous practice. However, the immense time helped me develop a passion for music and skills that have transferred to my other musical pursuits.

When I turned 12, instead of taking the out given to me (the option to quit violin), I turned my classical violin practice into a time to learn other musical skills. I started by playing the guitar and fell in love immediately. I replaced my routine violin practice with guitar practice and started to enjoy my musical experience. From there, my guitar teacher convinced me to start singing and even learn small amounts of other instruments. During the beginning of Covid quarantine, I taught myself to play piano.

At this point, music is more than just something to fill the background noise, a forced project, or even a hobby. It has become a cathartic experience where I can learn about myself and meditate. Recently, I have channeled the emotional aspect of music and started writing and working on my own songs.  I am also using music to help me overcome my stage fright.

Throughout the different stages of my life, I have seen my connection to music change, weather through the music I listen to or through my personal experience in making music. Now, I want to learn and dive more into my study by making a musical instrument. If you are interested in my process, please look through my posts and follow my experience in making a guitar.